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Promote and sell tickets. Drive sales, monetise your social following or raise money for charity.


Register online

Register online as a host. This will give you full access to our promoter centre where you can list a competition. Already registered? Get in touch to convert your account.


Submit listing

Submit a detailed listing. Choose the number of tickets you want to sell, the ticket price, and add a detailed description of your prize. View prohibited items.


Promote tickets

Promote and sell tickets. Drive sales, monetise your social following or raise money for charity.

Service Fees

For every competition listed on our platform the promoter pays a Platform Service Fee. This equates to 10% of the total proceeds of any competition whether successful or not and covers (as a minimum) the following:

Platform Use

User Licence

Access to and short-term license of our fully maintained competition hosting platform for your use. Terms and conditions apply.



We will post your competition on our social channels, no extra charge. This includes any @WinWithRaffique channels we control.


We're Covered

For your peace of mind we are fully insured. We're responsible like that and do all we can to negate any concerns you may have.

Transaction Fees


Each financial transaction made on our website has transaction fees attached to it. We pay these on behalf of the host.

Postal Entries


Free postal entries. This is a legal requirement and ensures compliance with the Advertising Standards Agency CAP code.


Approved Platform

Together with our solicitors, we ensure the processes on our website comply with the Advertising Standards Agency CAP code.

Platform Service Fees are strictly non-refundable.

Advertising & Marketing Support - Explore. Evaluate. Deliver.

If there's one thing you need in this game, it's a reliable team to bounce off. Discover more from Raffique in our Win 360° resource blog, which is free to our approved competitions hosts.

Explore our expert marketing services delivered by a team of passionate individuals, gain access to our GDPR compliant database of opt-in competition lovers without the huge price tag and supercharge your sales with custom-designed marketing packages exclusively for your budget.

Free insertions within our communications are not guaranteed. We work to the needs of our subscribers; segmentation volumes will vary based on their preferences. The price for your campaign will reflect this too - reducing any waste in your spend. 

Affiliates & Influencers

Reward Scheme

Reward Influencers and Affiliates when they promote your competition to their audiences. Provide unique referral links and unique discount codes for ease of promotion, building your sales team with ease. 

Push Alerts


We’ll notify our website subscribers* of your competition on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Fast and effective, employ push alerts to deliver notifications direct to subscribers handsets and desktops encouraging them to act.

Facebook & Instagram

Sponsored Advertising

Cut the hassle of RMG limitations on Facebook & Instagram. We’ll design and host your ASA compliant advert within our RMG approved Facebook Ad Account, you control the amount you spend.

SMS Marketing


Supercharge sales with prompts sent direct to our subscriber’s handset and boost conversion with our SMS services. Simple and effective with conversions heightened towards the end of a competition

Email Marketing


Whilst we may* include you in our email newsletter, you can also arrange to be a ‘featured competition’. This provides improved visibility within the open rates. Targetted emails are also available to segments of our data.



Bespoke campaigns tailored to your budget. Accurately target the segments of our database, reducing waste on marketing spend. Combine the tactics in micro-campaigns and power up your comms.