Prohibited Items

Before submiting your competition, please make sure that your requested prize is not on our prohibited list.

Please note: All competitions are subject to vetting and your competition will not be approved if it contains (or is suspected to contain) any of the following. Simply attempting to list any of the items on our prohibited list will result in an instant Platform ban.

  1. Animals. Animals or animal parts.
  2. Copies, fakes, imitations, counterfeit goods. Copies or imitations of designer goods and items. Copies of books, music, films and any other non-licensed material, this extends to unauthorised copies of software and video games.
  3. Cryptocurrencies.
  4. Financial products and services. Investments, stock market disbursements, stocks, bonds, shares, credit services, services regulated or prohibited according to law.
  5. Gambling. Lotteries, sports betting, participations-register indirect game connection, as well as any other related content.
  6. Government/Official IDs, documents or uniforms. Government/Official IDs, passports, diplomas, as well as uniforms (including impersonations of such items eg fancy dress).
  7. Hacking materials. Information or equipment violating the laws impairing or permitting unauthorised access to protected items.
  8. Human parts. Organs or other parts of the human body.
  9. Medical devices that require a license for their distribution.
  10. Traffic devices. Including but not limited to; radar jammers, signs, traffic signal converters.
  11. Plants and seeds. Any seeds of plants, toxic weeks or other organisms.
  12. Pornography of any type.
  13. Prescription drugs, para pharmaceutical compounds. Medicines or other products requiring a prescription by an authorised prescriber, physician or veterinarian. Controlled substances, drugs, illegal drugs including psychoactive and plant-based drugs.
  14. Protected cultural items/works of art. Material covered by the 1970 Convention of UNESCO on prohibition and prevention of illicit import, export and transfer of ownership upon cultural property, as well as of any other relevant good, the sale, export or transport of which is restricted by law. Artefacts cave formations (speleothems, stalactites, stalagmites etc.) and tombs related to items protected by laws.
  15. Pyrotechnic devices and hazardous materials. Toxic, flammable and radioactive materials and substances, gunpowder and explosives. This includes Fireworks and any related products.
  16. Techniques/devices for circumvention. Mod chips or other devices for circumvention of the technical protection measures for digital devices, as well as for the unlocking of iPhones. Illegal telecommunications equipment. Items intended for the acquisition of satellite/cables systems for free. Including but not limited to; black boxes, coding services for firesticks or similar, cable descramblers, unloopers. Mobile phone unlocking/modifying or any other service deemed illegal.
  17. Weapons. Including but not limited to; Ammunition, firearms, knives of any kind, martial arts weapons, silencers and tear gas.
  18. General. Any item that you do not own or for which you have no power of sale.

If you have a question about this list of items or are unsure about a listing please get in touch to ensure your promotion does not breach our terms or the terms of our partners.