Postal Entry

No Purchase Necessary

Raffique offers an alternative means of entering into prize draws. The process for using this alternative means of entry is described in detail below. Just like the paid method of entering the prize draw, this alternative method requires you to accept all our terms and conditions.

To enter a competition through a postal application (a Postal Entry) the following conditions apply:

      1. Entrants must be registered Users on the Raffique Platform at the time of posting and have a verified email address and telephone number, in order to make a Postal Entry to a competition.
      2. Postal Entries are not for sale and can be made free of charge.
      3. Users must write their full name, date of birth, email they registered their account with, their full address (PO Boxes are not accepted) and registered telephone number plus the competition title and answer to the competition question on a POSTCARD (not cereal board or cut card) which is to be sent by 1st class post to Raffique. 72a Windsor Street, Beeston. Nottingham. NG9 2BW.
      4. Postal Entries are limited to 1 per POSTCARD. If any additional entries are made, the Postal Entry will be invalidated and automatically discarded.
      5. Postal Entries must be postmarked no later than the advertised competition end-date.
      6. Postal Entries postmarked after the advertised competition end-date will not be included in the draw.
      7. Just like a paid for entry, your postal entry should allow the appropriate time for your chosen route to meet the closing deadlines.

Additional to the above conditions:

      1. It is the User’s obligation to ensure that the required details are set out on the Postal Entry in a legible manner and that they are sent to the correct address of: Raffique. 72a Windsor Street, Beeston. Nottingham. NG9 2BW.
      2. Raffique reserves the right to reject Postal Entries that do not include the information set out in paragraph 5 - a-g of these Terms and Conditions; and
      3. Raffique accepts no liability for any postal delays, lost or damaged entries, and or any event amounting to Force Majeure.
      4. Raffique will not inform you if your entry is invalid.
      5. Postal entries are not added to your online account.

This needs to be written down in very clear writing otherwise the entry may be deemed invalid.

Once a postal entry has been processed it will be entered into the draw. Postal entries are treated in exactly the same way as paid entries for the purposes of determining a winner.

Postal entries have an equal chance of winning as any one paid entry. If a postal entry wins a prize there will be no further purchase or payment necessary to be notified of the win or to receive the prize.

For the avoidance of doubt, if the above steps are not followed as described then a postal entry will be invalid. You will not be notified if your entry is invalid.