Frequently Asked Questions

Entering a competition is simple. In order to enter a competition, you must answer the question to ensure that you can proceed with your entry.

Sure! You can purchase as many entries as you wish, so long as they are available. However, in some instances, there are limits of tickets per user and is specified by the competition host.

We accept all major debit and credit cards. You can also enter for free.

Absolutely. Prize draws are automated by Raffique software or Drawn by Random Draws UK. Hosts have no control or influence over the selection of the winner. Furthermore, all funds are held by Raffique and are only released to the Vendor when you have received your prize. You are always protected with Raffique.

If all tickets do not sell, Raffique release 75% of the paid-for ticket sales as an alternative prize to the winning ticket holder. Equally, this is the default if the Vendor does not provide the prize. You are always protected with Raffique.

For the majority of our Competitions, the winner is picked randomly once the competition closes. Our software randomly picks the winner and uses PHP function mt_rand() which provides solid randomisation for this purpose. This is revealed on a page refresh at the time the draw ends.

For draws over £10,000 value we employ the services of Random Draws UK, this ensures a fair, unbiased and reliable draw. By using, we are using a third-party system that is independent from Raffique and the vendor of the prize draw. All draws pulled by Random Draws UK are given a 'Certification of Random Draw'. All winners are additionally published on their hosted URL.

When a live draw held is held on the @WinWithRaffique Facebook page you're actually viewing a live reveal. You will find this information on the competition page under the tab "What kind of draw". Do follow our page to be notified of this and other live draws, offers and promotions from Raffique.

All software used (including our own) complies with the Advertising Standards Authority CAP Code. All winners are published on their hosted URL.

You will be notified via email. Paid entries are located in the ‘Orders’ section of 'Your Account' on Our Platform. Ticket numbers are found within your orders.

Raffique is the provider of the competition platform and works as an intermediary. The Host will get in touch to arrange to collection/delivery of the prize. Details of this will be in the competition description. When the exchange is complete, we release the funds to the Host, protecting all.

Raffique takes 10% Service Fee to cover a variety of costs including, but not limited to; rental of our fully compliant competition hosting platform, card processing fee's (transaction fees), website maintenance and hosting.